Qué cosas.

Finally, a day off.

Just came back from Antigua, a coffee house down the road from here.

Wanting to go for a bike ride in this wonderful gray, misty weather. Perfect for riding. I’m loving it. I’m much to anxious to move out & start school once again.

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espías en Angelo's Pizzeria.

Qué ocurrencias.

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On writing

I've had a pensive evening followed by a pensive morning.
::el café hace burbujas::
For a while I have strayed from my pensive roots, mainly to let myself be at the whim of fears, emotions. Why? Because I saught a more sensual existence where all stimuli affect me & change me. To let my environment and those therein be my guide. But now I think I need a more cogent direction, to read again, to delve into what makes me who I am.

And by thoughts I don't mean those meandering tangents of ideas that lead only to wringing of the hands; but to live a reflected life. At first I thought my problem was my outlook on things, as a sort of existentialist, but now I realize that I have been acting as if all things would move by my sheer will alone.

I think of my days of rampant socializing. Was I happier then? Did I feel more fulfilled, or did I come home feeling more detached and alienated from others? I know the answer. I was happy but so long as I had a partner(s)-in-crime. Someone to sit, at moments, on the sideline and have inside jokes with or make our snob commentary on the evening. Is this sort of detachèdness really such a bad thing? Haven't all artists/writers/dreamers/revolutionaries felt this feeling as well? Even in the most hospitable of social scenes we feel there's something missing. We dance, we drink, we talk-talk-talk, but in the morning we're back at work. Back to the life we wish could change.

(At this point, this is a rant.)

::el café sabe a humo::

"In addition to millions of words, Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir bestowed upon intellectuals around the world a love story for the ages. They met as ardent young philosophy students in Paris and immediately declared each other soul mates. They pledged undying troth, existentialist-style, which meant that, as self-created and totally free human agents, they would throw off bourgeois bad faith and hypocrisy. Marriage was out. Children too. They would live and love with total transparency, sharing every secret, renouncing jealousy, exposing themselves to judgment and, in conversational marathons, analyzing every last sensation."


There is the link to the article on NY TIMES but you have to register (for free) to acess it; well worth the few seconds that'll take. And contrary to the article, I do much prefer monogamy.


I still adore her & love her as ever.

Age old

an age-old pain in my stomach.

12yrs-old and scared. scared of a world that looks away.


came to a place where the world is green. the air sweet.

flight but a thought away.

dreams but a reminder of how things were.


i know i’ve gone out beyond my way.

i’ve stretched my arms wide around an ancient tree.

ages old. ages old.


“let me fly away with you.

we are creatures of the wind.

wild is the wind.”


“give me more than one caress.

satisfy this hungriness.”


a stone dreamt me up and made me in his image.


“you kiss me, with your kiss my life begins.

like a leaf clings to a tree.

baby please cling to me.”


we will grow intertwined.

we, a new species.
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the world is a scene'nt

tofu a la mexicana con frijoles y tortillas de maïz. café sin leche al lado.

today starts an almost weeklong journey of being out-and-about.

un gira del sur de california.

time to start.

i'm out.
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Black coffee.
The universe is an infinite sphere whose center is everywhere and circumfrence is nowhere.

Radio waves.
I am waiting for Mendy to call.
* * *

Sleeping in is giving in.

Went to bed early.

Watched "Return to Oz." The most psychedelic, off-putting, creepy kids' movie of all time. The sets & costumes were so great. They must've thrown large amounts of money at it.

And now, this morning I watch a great Tom Waits (bootleg) DVD from 2004 in London. Thus far his playlist has been amazing. His performance is so amazing. His band creates this tactile, colored, visual sound...if that makes any sense. It's such a chill yet energetic show. Yes, I am enjoying this. I'm just waiting for his next album to drop so that I can maybe see him perform live.

InoTherNews: I will be making my way back to school in the Fall. Finally. The Fall. La Chute ou l'Automne?

The future's looking bright.

Mendy, je t'adore avec tout mon cœur.
(te adoro con todo mi corazón)
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