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Sleeping in is giving in.

Went to bed early.

Watched "Return to Oz." The most psychedelic, off-putting, creepy kids' movie of all time. The sets & costumes were so great. They must've thrown large amounts of money at it.

And now, this morning I watch a great Tom Waits (bootleg) DVD from 2004 in London. Thus far his playlist has been amazing. His performance is so amazing. His band creates this tactile, colored, visual sound...if that makes any sense. It's such a chill yet energetic show. Yes, I am enjoying this. I'm just waiting for his next album to drop so that I can maybe see him perform live.

InoTherNews: I will be making my way back to school in the Fall. Finally. The Fall. La Chute ou l'Automne?

The future's looking bright.

Mendy, je t'adore avec tout mon cœur.
(te adoro con todo mi corazón)

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