Julio C. (el_insomnio) wrote,
Julio C.

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Age old

an age-old pain in my stomach.

12yrs-old and scared. scared of a world that looks away.


came to a place where the world is green. the air sweet.

flight but a thought away.

dreams but a reminder of how things were.


i know i’ve gone out beyond my way.

i’ve stretched my arms wide around an ancient tree.

ages old. ages old.


“let me fly away with you.

we are creatures of the wind.

wild is the wind.”


“give me more than one caress.

satisfy this hungriness.”


a stone dreamt me up and made me in his image.


“you kiss me, with your kiss my life begins.

like a leaf clings to a tree.

baby please cling to me.”


we will grow intertwined.

we, a new species.

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